Zebra Crossings COVID-19 Statement June 1, 2020




Creating a community where children with chronic health conditions as well as their families feel supported, safe to explore and thrive.


Our core values of play, independence, achievement, wellness and community are interwoven throughout every program. Participants are encouraged to try new experiences and empowered to approach life with greater confidence.


Current programs are inclusive of different medical diagnosis groups such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, JRA, heart conditions, hemophilia, severe allergies, skin conditions and autoimmune disorders. In a supportive and safe peer environment, participants build lasting friendships which helps them feel included, connected, and understood.


 Our programs are supported by qualified medical staff who care for the needs of our participants and provide respite for caregivers. Zebra Crossings is a fun, safe place to be and where kids just get to be kids.

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With the support of generous donors, we are able to keep our program fees at a reduced rate as many of our families face high out-of-pocket medical expenses. Help us maintain this practice by learning how your donation can support and empower a child.


Get involved and experience the satisfaction of seeing young people discover their inner strength and gain confidence. As a nonprofit organization we depend on the dedication and commitment of our program and medical volunteers. Together we make a difference!

“Zebra Crossings has been such a blessing to our family. Zebra Crossings is the one place we feel confident that Shane is receiving adequate supervision to recognize a seizure and the staff is competent in administering his medicine. It allows Shane to feel like a normal kid but also gives us some respite time.”

“Zebra Crossings’ staff and programs have impacted Chloe and our whole family. Through the programs Chloe has been able to hang out with other kids and feel ‘normal’ rather than ‘different.'”

“This is such a great experience for children with asthma. Being surrounded by kids in the same situation takes away the shyness and hesitation in learning more about what ‘having asthma’ means. For my child, he came home owning it rather than it owning him.”

Why Zebra Crossings?

A Zebra Crossing is a British term for a crosswalk marked with broad white stripes. It is a place where pedestrians have the right of way to safely cross. A zebra’s black and white  stripes come in different patterns unique to each individual. A common belief is that the stripes serve as camouflage. A herd of zebras standing close together may appear as one and as more powerful.

For children who live with chronic health conditions, it is similar. Each child is unique but they also have a lot in common and can relate to each other because of their conditions. On their own, they often stand out in their communities because of their perceived limitations or needs. However, in our community, we find strength in numbers and feel empowered.

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