Creating a community where children with chronic medical conditions  feel supported, safe to explore and thrive. 

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When a child is diagnosed with asthma, a heart condition, diabetes or epilepsy, it can strike fear in the heart of a parent and their world changes. Distinguished by something that makes them different, possibly stigmatizes them, and often limits them in some ways, the child’s self-image is fundamentally altered.

Keeping a child safe and managing their health condition is an incredibly difficult and demanding daily task. Parents, and sometimes siblings, fear for the child’s safety and feel a greater responsibility to protect and control their lives. Because of the isolation often created by the need for parental or medical supervision, children with a chronic medical condition have fewer opportunities for traditional social and recreational activities.

In 2009, Zebra Crossings set out to change the lives of these children by becoming the first organization in the region to provide year-round, medically supervised programs.

Zebra Crossings’ programs are intentionally designed to further develop each child’s skills, boost their independence, and reduce anxiety based on their condition. Programs are small and intimate in size with an average of 20-25 participants.

Supporting Parents & Siblings

Parents of children with chronic health conditions benefit from the respite opportunities that our programs provide. Due to our small numbers and our low camper to staff ratios, children with conditions that need close monitoring are safe and welcome. Parents can drop off their child and feel comfortable that their child’s needs are supported.

We welcome siblings to attend our programs, as it helps some children adapt and feel safe. In addition, we recognize that siblings often feel a high level of responsibility. They also can benefit from our programs by receiving support from other campers, so they can be worry free for a while.

Community Resource For Families:

Partners in Health: An ally in getting kids to specialty medical camps

For years, Zebra Crossings has been able to meet all of the scholarship requests because of our partnership with Partners in Health (PIH). Partners in Health is a NH state agency with the sole purpose of providing resources and support to families with children who have chronic medical conditions. Enrolling in PIH is a simple process that starts with contacting your local PIH Coordinator.

Our Medical Team

Zebra Crossings’ programs are supported by trained medical professionals who donate their time generously. Volunteer nurses and EMT’s work under the standing orders and guidance of our Medical Director. All volunteers are fully screened and trained to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our participants.

Who Do We Serve?

Our programs serve children with a chronic medical condition, and their families. At Zebra Crossings we generally define a chronic health condition as

·      a biologically-based condition

·      requiring lifelong follow up care by a medical specialist

·      which brings significant changes in the life of the child and family

Medical conditions include (but are not limited to): asthma, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, congenital heart defects, hemophilia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, severe allergies and skin conditions.

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